We understand from years of experience that the link between governance and the day management team is crucial for successful organizational management. The board’s key responsibilities are guiding the organization’s policies and strategy.
To achieve this, the Right4Children Board has been selected to give relevant expertise to help the management team achieve their objectives.The CEO functions as the bridge for the team to implement based upon the board’s guidance.

The 5th General Assembly of Right4Children, held on the 16th of September 2017, elected the  new executive board member. The name list of the board’s members is as follows:

Jayendra Gauchan – Chairperson 

Tulasa Karki – Vice- Chairperson 

Deependra Rai – Secretary

Shanker Budha – Treasurer

Insuba Tamang/Maclagan – – Member 

Tilrupa Bhujel  – Member

Mohan Prasad Tripathi – Member

The term of the executive board is two years. We wish the board all the best for its successfull tenure.