As with the Milijuli Bolaun radio project, Child Rights Through Art is a result of baseline research conducted by Right4Children which found an acute need for more awareness and education of child rights in Nepal and most significantly, among children who are at constant risk of having their rights violated. The Child Rights Through Art-project aims to further the awareness of child rights in schools and the wider community through outdoor murals, art workshops and competitions.

To enable this, Right4Children has selected 20 government schools to partner with. From these schools, 423 children between the ages of 10 and 17 have participated in the program. The children are oriented in child rights and taught drawing and painting skills, which they use to express their daily lives and their observation of societal perceptions and treatment of children.

Apart from these art classes, Right4Children occasionally organizes other art activities with the aim of promoting child rights in Nepal:


Following the art training for children in schools, Right4Children organizes drawing competitions to raise further awareness. The first one, organized on the 19th of September 2014, was a district level inter–school drawing competition that marked the 50th national Children's Day.It was organized in coordination with Nepal Junior Red Cross Circle of Bal Mandir Higher Secondary School. In total 32 children from 16 government schools participated.
Another open child drawing competition was organized on the occasion of the 25th International Child Rights Day. This time, 238 children submitted their drawings. The topic for both the competitions was "child rights". Right4Children awarded 13 children for their artworks, as chosen by a jury.




The drawing of murals is another tool Rigth4Children has been using to raise awareness of child rights in the community. As many people lack knowledge about their rights, the children do not receive proper treatment both in their families and in the wider community.
Therefore, to promote child rights, we have been creating murals in different public places that carry clear messages about child rights. So far, 10 murals at different locations in Pokhara have been drawn to reach the passing public.