The Swiss hotel chain company,  Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts believes that the combination of its values and global approach to sustainability will help the company to be recognised as one of the world’s most trusted hotel management companies. Luckily for us in Nepal, this means that Mövenpick offers some of the most disadvantaged youths an opportunity to learn a skill and then utilize that skill in a real job, working in one of Mövenpick‘s hotels or resorts in the Middle East.

The end goal of the programme is to enable these disadvantaged young people to establish themselves as the backbone of their families so they can ensure better lives for future generations to come. To find and select potential candidates for the programme, R4C works with local partner NGOs. These NGOs make referrals of potential candidates and R4C selects the most appropriate individuals by assessing their situation and motivation for the programme.

Each year Mӧvenpick Hotels and Resorts provides a quota for the training based for the next year which is usually between 20 – 30 persons annually.  The selected candidates are placed in a 3 months training course in a private trainng institute. The candidates are streamlined according to their interest and skills into one of the three areas of housekeeping, food and beverage service. During this period, they are also enrolled in English language classes. After completing the course, the trainees are placed in local hotes for 3 – 6 months of on-the-job-training.

After the completion of the 6+ months training package, R4C facilitates the trained graduates for their placement in one of the Mӧvenpick Hotels in the Middle east. A total of 136 young persons have benefited from the training programme since it started, out of which 78 trained graduates have been placed in Mӧvenpick Hotels for employement.


Radhika“I have been working as a room attendant in Mövenpick Jumeriah Beach Resort, Dubai for the last 3 years, thanks to Right4Children and Mövenpick Hotels and Resorts. This life-changing opportunity has had a lasting impact on my personal life as well as for my family. I have been able to build my self-esteem, improve my English language skills and develop professionally. I have also been able to support my family in many ways, including my sibling’s education, building a new house for my family and health care services of my elderly parents. I am very happy that I was awarded the Employee Of The Year 2014 of the hotel and I had the opportunity to go to Switzerland for a week’s tour. I feel very lucky and look forward to further growth and development in my future.”

– Radhika Gharti
3rd batch housekeeping trainee