Following the Successful implementation of the Hotel and Hospitality Training Programme for disadvantaged Nepalese youth for the last 5 years, Right4Children has developed a concrete plan to establish a hospitality training and hotel management school.

The tourism industry continues to grow rapidly in Nepal with an increased number of tourists, hotels and activities. To service this growth the hospitality industry needs more trained employees. With this in mind, R4C has planned for the hospitality training school to provide alternative ways of learning and skill development for youth that have been pushed away from formal education opportunities. R4C believes that after 5 successful years of conducting training courses through outsourcing to training institutes, it is in the ideal position to create its own tailor-made training school. The schools for this school are :

  • To deliver better quality of training to candidates; the quality of the training delivered by the local training providers has been satisfactory but not at a level to enable the trainees to be truly competitive in the international luxury hospitality sector.
  • To increase the number of trained beneficiaries each year including those who are able to pay for the training.
  • For better and efficient management and operation of the hospitality training programme.
  • To make a model hospitality training school in Nepal to contribute to the growth and improvement in quality of the Nepalese tourism Sector.

The key focus of the school will be to create strong links in the industry and match training programmes to the demand in the market. This will enable us to produce a skilled workforce that can fulfill the demand with supply. The school will offer the following phase-wise courses as the school will gradually expand.

Phase I (year 1 of operation) : Tailor made intensive training in 3 courses (9-month course in Housekeeping and F&B Services; 1-year course in F&B Production)

Phase II (year 2 of operation) : Add 18-month advance culinary course)

Phase III (year 3 or 4 of operation) : Addition of Bachelor in Hotel and Restaurant Management)

The School will also act as a community centre school. It will also act as a community centre supporting the village communities based around the school. It will especially support women and their children by providing childcare, health services and livlihood development.

This project is supported by ONGFNEL, Luxembourg, Freedom Matters UK, School UK, GATE College and Wonaw Architects.