12 schools selected for CFS 3rd year project

The CFS has been recently selected 12 schools for 3rd year. The 6 schools from Chhorepatan Resource Centre, 5 schools from Lamachaur Resource Centre and 1 school from Tudhikhel Resource Center were selected. The details of the schools are given below.

Chhorepatan Resource Centre :

  1. Maheshwori Secondary School, Pumbibhumdi
  2. Okhaledanda Bhumikot Secondary School, Pumbibhumdi
  3. Bhagwoti Lower Secondary School, Pumdibhumdi
  4. Lila Lower Secondary School, Pumdibhumdi
  5. Laxmi Lower Secondary School, Pumdibhumdi
  6. Pokhara Darsaniyasthal Basic, Pumdibhumdi

Lamachaur Resource Centre :

  1. Gyan Jyoti Secondary School, Armala
  2. Chandika Primary School, Batulechaur
  3. Janata Primary School, Armala
  4. Bhumeshwor Primary School, Armala
  5. Bhalam Primary School, Bhalam

Tudhikhel Resource Center

  1. Ratna Lower Secondary School, Simpani

Also, the orientation and action plan workshop for those schools was organized on 7th April, 2017. Altoger 41 members from School Management Committee, Parents Teacher Association, Vice Principal and Principal were participated.