CFS Project Visit

Right4Children has recently completed the first year project of Child Friendly School (12 Schools) of Lahachowk Resource Centre. on May 31st and June 1st CFS Conducted a team of evaluators from DEO, Deputy DEO Mr. Damodar Subedi, Founder of Right4Children Mr. Douglas Maclagan and CEO of Right4Children Mr. Anil Paudel.

The observer found that the concept of supporting the Community School (maintaining child friendly classrooms, toilet, sit arrangement, furniture according to children level e.t.c) are very much appreciatable.  A laptop and Projector to each selected school were provided by the hand of Mr. Damoder Subedi and Mr. Douglas Maclagun.

The Schools member (Teachers and Students) are very happy with the Right4Children because of the Support . After Support, the number of Students is increasing, even the students from the boarding school are also enrolling in those schools.