English Through Drama

A new project for Right4Children is teaching English Language through Drama. It’s a project that brings teachers and students together to bond and to learn. As well as learning English in a fun way, students will acquire confidence and many other useful life skills. From 14th to 25th November a total of 88 English teachers from 36 schools were trained to use drama as a tool to teach; which was facilitated by Shaun Macloughlin, Mimie Acuna, Anver Jr Regalado and the Right4Children team. The aim of the ETD programme is to enable both the teachers and the students to enhance creativity and fun in their learning procefss.

The teacher’s existing interest in drama was increased and facilitated by the training and they were very active in the participation during the learning process. The techniques that the teachers learnt have been applied in the classrooms and they have found them to be very successful with the students, who are very much enjoying the new approach.