R4C Team Member Travels to Darkha to Find Relatives

Deependra was working in his backyard in Pokhara when the earthquake hit. Later in the news that day he heard that the village of Darkha had been totally destroyed. Darkha was where Deependra’s mother and father in law both lived.  The next morning he was on his way to find them. Roads to Dharka from the town of DhadingBesi were impassible due to landslides and he had to make a 2 day journey by foot.  Along the way he saw only destruction. He passed people coming down from the villages trying to get to DhadingBesi for help and supplies. He saw  bodies being cremated by the side of the river.

Deependra described the situation as follows:

“There are about 650 household in this village, and the neighboring ones. But they are totally collapsed due to the earth quake. There is the lack of drinking water, no electricity, no toilet. The farm land has been cracked in many places as a result people have a big fear in the raining season so there is a very high chance of landslides. Many people including cattle have been killed in the incident. Those people who have been survived from the incident have been staying in the open sky,  just under the salvaged corrugated iron roof and the plastic tarps. About 50 – 60% food stuff has been buried. People are in a big trauma as they can say nothing at the moment what they will do tomorrow and how to handle their daily life? They are totally hopeless, and just gaze into empty spaces. At the moment, there is a problem of manpower also because most of the young people are working abroad. They share the food they recover and eat together.”

Deependra stayed for a week and helped his in laws dig out what they could from the rubble of their home. Many people are getting cuts and injuries from rusty nails as they dig through rubble. During this time three villages from the nearby VDC’s of Sertung, Borang, Kurim Rigoang all came down hill seeking help. It has now been 10 days since the earthquake and we have heard the road to Darkha is passable but it will take much longer  for these villagers to recover from the trauma.

Right4Children is working to get additional supplies to this village and help with longer term recovery.

R4C Team Member Deependra helps his relatives dig through the rubble of their home

R4C team member Deependra helps his relatives dig through the rubble of their home.

An overview of the massive infrastructure damage in Darkha

An overview of the massive infrastructure damage in Darkha.