Rebuilding 8 Schools in Dhading (Updated)

After completing all the procedures to begin Construction, we can now start the rebuilding 8 schools in Marpak, Dhading. We have reached an agreement with 2 construction companies to each rebuild a school (The Rahim Nirman Sewa is rebuilding Mangaladevi Secondary school, Borang and Jwalamukhi Construction Pvt.Ltd is rebuilding Niranjana Secondary School, Milanbazar).

img_0058The remaining 6 schools construction will be project managed by the EQ project team at Right4Children. The name of the remaining 6 schools are : Marpak Pokhara primary School, Janachahana primary school, Janabhawana primary school, Annapurna primary school, Duikanya primary school and panchakanya primary school.


Additionaly, we have setup our office in Dhadingbesi, Dhading.