Update: Reconstruction work in progress

Our Earthquake Rebuilding Project is going well. The reconstruction work is currently going on 3 of the 8 schools. Of the 3 schools, two are secondary schools and one is a primary school with high number of students. These were also among those that had urgent need for reconstruction.

This project targets to help 1500 children every year to enable them to continue their education in a safe and child friendly environment so as to address their education and protection needs.

Work Progress:
1. Niranjana Secondary School (12 classrooms, 8 -room 4-room units).
The reconstruction work is going on smoothly in both the units. In the 8 -room unit, the slab casting & concreting work on ground and first floor has been completed. Similarly, in the 4-room unit, brick work is completed in two rooms of the ground floor. Also the framework and shuttering work has been completed.

2. Mangaladevi Secondary School (16 classrooms, 2 units each of 8-room)

The reconstruction work is going well. In one unit, the brick masonry work on the ground floor of 4 rooms has already been completed. In another unit, frame and shuttering work has been completed and is ready for slab casting in the ground floor.






3. Marpak Pokhara Primary School (7 classrooms, 4-rooms 3-rooms unit): In both units, P.C.C work in foundation, truss fabrication and erection, roofing work, Stone soling work in Plinth level, Casting of Plinth beam and P.C.C work in foundation has been completed.






The construction project is going on smoothly despite the challenges of road and weather and we are able to accomplish 70 % of the construction work in Niranjana, 40% in Mangaladevi and 55% of work in Marpak Pokhara Primary school effectively during this time. We expect the project to be completed by June 2018. Besides, A very good working relationship has been established with the schools and other stakeholders including the DEO, DLPIU, DDCs, VDCs and other relevant governmental and non-governmental organizations of Dhading District. And the project will focus on creating child friendly school environments and in helping to improve the quality of education in the schools.