Completion of the Internship Programme for CFS Project

On Sunday 7th January a closing ceremony was held for the seven month internship programme (June – December)  for Child Friendly Schools Project, where certificates and token of love were given to the twelve interns who had participated. Twelve different schools each had a university graduate intern to carry out CFS project activities during the programme.

At the ceremony, each intern gave a presentation to conclude on their achievements and also gave an overview of what they had learnt. Many of the interns described the experience as ‘eye opening’ and reflected on the many new things that they had learnt. They explained that they now have a good understanding of how schools operate in Nepal and said how much they leant from being integrated in the different societies and cultures; as well as understanding different people’s lifestyles. A common reflection of the interns was that their motivation to work hard during the programme came from the school children that they had met there.

Congratulations to the twelve interns and best wishes for their future!

Project Review Meeting – CFS

The Child Friendly School (CFS) project organized a review meeting on the  3rd and 4th of September 2017.  On the first day, there were 12 schools of  2nd year and second day, 11 schools of first year. The objectives of the meeting were to review the outputs, achievements and success of the project.  Altogether, there were 52 participants in the meeting.

Secondary Teacher Training

A 2-day Secondary Teacher Training was organized on the 1st of September 2017. The training was facilitated by the Assistant Professor Mr. Parbat Dhungana and Motivational Speaker Mr. Ravi Keeran. Mr. Dhungana mainly focused on Teaching learning Pedagogy whereas Ravi Keeran focused on ‘Motivational and Psycho-Social Aspects in Teaching-Learning. There were altogether 40 participants from 7 schools.