Project Review Meeting – CFS

The Child Friendly School (CFS) project organized a review meeting on the  3rd and 4th of September 2017.  On the first day, there were 12 schools of  2nd year and second day, 11 schools of first year. The objectives of the meeting were to review the outputs, achievements and success of the project.  Altogether, there were 52 participants in the meeting.

Secondary Teacher Training

A 2-day Secondary Teacher Training was organized on the 1st of September 2017. The training was facilitated by the Assistant Professor Mr. Parbat Dhungana and Motivational Speaker Mr. Ravi Keeran. Mr. Dhungana mainly focused on Teaching learning Pedagogy whereas Ravi Keeran focused on ‘Motivational and Psycho-Social Aspects in Teaching-Learning. There were altogether 40 participants from 7 schools.

ICT training program for teachers

The CFS Project organized a 3-day ICT (Information Communication Technology) training for teachers taking place from 6th to 8th august. Mr. Raghu Gyanwali and Mr. Praksh chettri were leading the ICT training for the 12 teachers and 12 interns.  Main objective of the training was to enhance the computing and technological skills of the participants. After successfully completing the training  each participating school received one laptop and one projector.